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Seattle Creative Kids
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Seattle Creative Kids Preschool is a Reggio Emilia inspired program based on the principles of respect, responsibility and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment.  We uphold an image of the child as a powerful, competent, capable, and integral member of the community.  Our school fosters interpersonal relationships among children and adults in order to provide an educational experience of the highest quality built upon the belief that children have a natural disposition for learning and an innate curiosity that, when intentionally and carefully nurtured, blossoms into a life-long love of learning.

Children have access to a wide range of open ended materials that help them grow emotionally, intellectually and physically.  Children have the opportunity to represent their ideas in different dimensions, scales and perspectives. Teachers facilitate their use of materials for more complex projects.

Classes are small (up to 15 students per session with a teacher student ratio of 1:8) so we may give students our full attention. We believe that children have lots of time to be part of a large educational system. This is a time for young children to engage in a small learning community.       

We have a spacious outdoor area in which children enjoy engaging in water play, digging, building with sand, gardening, running, playing hide and seek, and observing weather patterns and nature.  

Our home-like environment is an extension of the child’s daily life. The space invites curiosity, encourages exploration, creativity and discovery.  Skills are learned that are applicable to a child’s home life which builds confidence, independence and helps them realize their role as a contributing member of the family. 


Reggio Emilia

Based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of the children. Reggio Emilia schools emphasize creativity and artistic representation

Learning Through Play

Through play children develop social and cognitive skills, are able to mature emotionally, develop problem-solving skills, and gain the self-confidence to try new experiences and environments. Children’s play can be divided into the following categories:

Active play

Running, jumping, climbing, riding, and use of large muscles.

Quiet play

Reading, beading, coloring or activities that involve only one.

Cooperative play

Games and activities that involve more than one.

Manipulative play

Puzzles, blocks, cutting and pasting, or activities that involve eye-hand coordination or fine motor muscles.

Creative play

Painting, problem solving, dance, music, story telling, or activities in which one expresses them self creatively.

Dramatic play

Dress-up, playing house, or any activity that involves pretending.

Bev Bos was the Director and Teacher at the Roseville Community Preschool in Roseville, CA for over 40 years and  authored four books on early education. She was sought after by Early Childhood Education groups, parents, teachers, childcare professionals and college classes.

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